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Some artists work with brushes, paints, canvas and easel. Glenn Levent works with a welder, torch, anvil and hammer, fashioning sculptures out of mostly scrap steel that he molds and shapes into objects of exquisite beauty or incredible flights of imagination. He’s also added a successful jewelry line that can be seen by appointment at his workshop in Alpharetta, Georgia.
“Art is something that has always been inside me, a part of me.” He came to making art with his welder and torch because those are tools he worked with every day when he owned a body shop.
“I was just born artistic. I would have a Ford Escort come in, and it would leave looking like a Mercedes,” he said. Then I would come home and make things out of scrap parts lying around the body shop.”
The moment of truth came when he was laid off and was faced with the prospect of what to do to put food on the table.
“It was a scary moment. But the one thing I knew I could do was create things.” The first art show I went to, I was scared. I didn’t know what to do, but it went very well.”
Since that time he has had the confidence to make his full-time passion his full-time profession as well.
Sometimes he is like a driftwood artist, following the form of the piece, yet turning it into an expression of his vision. Other times, he uses the torch and hammer to bend the steel to his will.
“I can’t sleep when I see something I want to do. But I’ll finish whatever I’m working on first, even though it is killing me,” he said.
Art is what he always wanted to do as a profession, and now that he is committed to it, he feels wonderful.
Glenn Levent is a skilled metal smith that specializes in building wine cellar gates, fencing, custom corbels, door grills...  No matter how reserved or ornate you wish to adorn your home he has the vision and skill to do it. 
Contact him at 770-653-5466

Bead Bayou is the home base gallery and workshop for local blacksmith and jewelry artist Glenn Levent of Levent Forge & A Mind of Steel, Alpharetta GA.

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